Recent Interviews

BBC: “The future of financial markets in the transatlantic marketplace,” 11 October 2014

Small Biz Daily: Use Crowdfunding to Fuel Your Global Business, 23 July 2014

Economist Intelligence Unit: “The G20 e-Trade Readiness Index“, July 2014

Global Biz Circle: “A Guide for American Business Owners Doing Business in Russia“, 7 July 2014 “Does Size Matter for Global Scale? Interview with TradeUp Founder and CEO Kati Suominen,” June 2014.

Wall Street Journal: “WTO Deal Shows Hurdles to Global Trade Pacts,” 8 December 2013:

Washington Post: “U.S.-India compromise allows trade deal to hobble forward at WTO,” 6 December 2013

Life Week (China): “How economic NATO Will Reshape Global Trade,” 28 November 2013.

Pravda (Slovak Republic), “Amerika sa už podobá na Grécko” 14 October 2013

Le Temps (Switzerland): “L’OMC est invitée à mieux exploiter la masse d’accords commerciaux régionaux,” 13 June 2013

Investors Business Daily: “Free-Trade Expansion Sought To Ignite Regional Growth,” 26 April 2013


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