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New thought leadership on digital trade: reforming trade policies, customs regulations, and development solutions for the global digital economy

Disruptive digital technologies — the cloud and digitization, ecommerce, 3D printing, big data, holograms, Internet of Everything, peer-to-peer lending, virtual currencies, and so on — are revolutionizing the economics of global trade and production. They are empowering corporations to dramatically … Continue reading

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How Digital Protectionism Threatens to Derail 21st Century Businesses

The below piece appeared in Marsh & MacLennan’s BRINK on 3 December 2014: http://www.brinknews.com/how-digital-protectionism-threatens-to-derail-21st-century-businesses/ A decade ago, Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat popularized globalization as a process where Apple, Dell, IBM, and other giant corporations offshored manufacturing to low-cost … Continue reading

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Digitization and the Future of Jobs: Rise of the Re-Invention Economy

Today I published a piece in GE’s Ideas Lab on why automation and artificial intelligence will create more jobs than they will destroy: http://www.ideaslaboratory.com/post/102950967429/rise-of-the-re-invention-economy As automation and computerization expand, anxiety about jobs is at a fever pitch. Some say computers … Continue reading

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Coming Apart: WTO fiasco highlights urgency for the U.S. to lead the global trading system

India’s torpedoing last week the WTO’s trade facilitation agreement, struck at the last minute between the United States and India in the December 2013 WTO Ministerial in Bali, is a death blow to the world body and adds to growing … Continue reading

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