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New thought leadership on digital trade: reforming trade policies, customs regulations, and development solutions for the global digital economy

Disruptive digital technologies — the cloud and digitization, ecommerce, 3D printing, big data, holograms, Internet of Everything, peer-to-peer lending, virtual currencies, and so on — are revolutionizing the economics of global trade and production. They are empowering corporations to dramatically … Continue reading

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eTrade Readiness Index by EIU – My interview on catalyzing cross-border ecommerce

I was recently interviewed about the reforms needed for fueling cross-border eCommerce for the new “The G20 e-Trade Readiness Index“, and Economist Intelligence Unit report, commissioned by eBay Inc. The report is based on a quantitative index ranking of countries … Continue reading

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Why are companies that sell on e-commerce platforms so globalized?

My new blog at TradeUp blog: http://www.tradeupfund.com/blog/why-are-e-commerce-sellers-so-globalized As one explores international trade data, a stunning fact emerges: only 1 percent of America’s 30 million companies export. The remaining 99 percent sell only in the U.S domestic market. The explanation simple: especially … Continue reading

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My Interview about TradeUp on About.com – Small is Big in the International Economy

From: http://importexport.about.com/od/Financing/fl/Does-Size-Matter-For-Global-Scale.htm Founder and CEO of Nextrade Group LLC, Kati Suominen, has deep expertise in international trade (importing and exporting), economics and finance. In the interview below we discuss her latest venture, TradeUp LLC, why she started it, how companies … Continue reading

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